About The Leinbach L7300

The industry standard has been set by the Leinbach L7300.  Quality meets affordability in this durable auger bit post hole digger. Leinbach uses a beefy gearbox that holds 3 quarts of lubricating gear oil, and tapered roller bearings ensure smooth operation.  The one piece auger bit features a replaceable tip and is available in 4 different diameters- 4”, 6”, 9”, and 12.” The boom that provides the backbone for the Leinbach L7300 is constructed of strong tubular steel.  The boom is also adjustable to four positions making it versatile for attaching a wide variety of tractor host machines. The output drive shaft on the Leinbach L7300 measures 2 inches in diameter and is shielded for protection.  There is also a shear bolt to prevent any major damage in the occurrence of an abrupt stoppage while operating.  The Leinbach L7300 is designed to mount using a 3 point hitch, and is driven by the PTO on a larger compact or full size tractor.

Where Can I Find The L7300?

Since you are on the internet already, the easiest way to get your own is to order your digger online from Everything Attachments. They have been in business since 1946, and you will be sure to get plenty of information and customer support.  They will ship a Leinbach L7300 right to your door via UPS, and they ship all post hole diggers filled with oil which saves time and money.  If you have questions, they have live chat, demonstrational videos, toll free telephone assistance, and even offer a free shipping program!  The Leinbach L7300 auger will turn any tractor into a post hole digging speed demon.

"The Leinbach L7300 post hole digger is easy to attach to nearly any full size tractor. Once hooked up, you will love the efficeincy of this implement. It drills through rough terrain like you wouldn't belive and makes any fence building job an absolute breeze. For the money, the Leinback L7300 is simply unbeatable.".
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